Facroring Services

Facroring Services

Factoring is described as a financial transaction that is done to plays as a funding process to fund the business using its account receivable. Companies which are having low capitol reserves usually gets into cash flow problems because of the invoices paid on trade credit terms. Factoring solutions helps an organization to fund slow paying invoices that helps in improving the cash flow of the organization.

Types Of Factoring:

  • Recourse Factoring: in this type of factoring the receivables are sold to the factor with an understanding that all credit risk will be bound by the firm.
  • Non-recourse factoring: everything is the same as recourse factoring but credit risk in this case will be bound by the factors.
  • Maturity Factoring: in this factor does not make any advance payments whereas he pays on the guaranteed payment date or after collecting from debtors.
  • Invoice Factoring: it is simply a discounting process; it is used to improve a company’s working capital and cash flow.

Factoring’s exposition still includes the financial task of raising funds to smaller emerging firm who sell to larger creditworthy organizations. Our company is therefore working with the highly trained professionals who are experienced and have the key to optimum solutions for factoring service without any risks. Keeping in mind the important role of factoring our service is delivered and executed on time.

Advantages Of Our Factoring Service:

  • This is an off-balance sheet financing process which helps in supporting the business
  • It helps in the reduction of current liabilities and associated assets
  • Intricately designed to provide more time for planning and production
  • Helps in the reduction of cost and expenses
  • We are always using our learning and working with new strategies to ensure the availability of best support solutions
  • Advice from us is intensely personalized and we work with our clients on a daily basis for better outcome

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