SBLC Financing

SBLC Financing

SBLC is known as the stand by letter of credit that comes into play when two parties enter into the contract calling for one party to arrange letter of credit in favor of the other. LC and SBLC letters are both used to ensure the financial safety between the international traders that is the sellers and buyers. SBLC is a credible term, it’s only important when investors are foreign clients since the SBLC is the only way to Assign a trader as temporary beneficiary.

Parties To SBLC:

  • THE APPLICANT: This is the customer who applies for SBLC by providing the collateral to the bank and also pays a fee for issuing the instrument.
  • THE ISSUING BANK: this is applicant’s bank that issues SBLC.
  • THE BENEFICIARY: this is the party in whose favor the instrument is issued.
  • CONFIRMING BANK: it is usually located near the beneficiary that agrees to pay the beneficiary rather than have the issuing bank pay the beneficiary.
  • ADVISING BANK: this bank represents the beneficiary. It may accept the LC on beneficiary’s behalf.

To protect our clients from the fraudulent our company offers our service to encourage the development and to enhance the productivity of your business by delivering financing against SBLC. At the main stream of our service we are providing soft loans, mortgage loans etc to support our customers. We are capable of providing all kinds of banking instruments as we are one of the top position organizations in delivering this service. Our service includes:

  • Benchmarking high performance against your rival institutions
  • Analysis for policy formation and for optimizing your development percentage
  • Trained experts and senior leaders are always available on call for better service
  • Preparing the whole year’s bank statements
  • Legal documentation with the banks

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