Company Incorporation

Company Incorporation

The most suitable form of entity for carrying out business in India with a long term objective would be to form a Private Limited Company, by making investment through the equity shares in the Company. The basic Requirement for a private Limited Company in India is as follows :-

  • Minimum Two Directors of The company
  • Minimum Two Shareholders of the Company
  • Minimum Capital of the Company should be INR 100000/-

The formation of the above Entity in India takes Approximate 12-15 Days after receipt of all the necessary Documents, The breakup of the Number of days is as follows :-

Activity Days
Taking Directors Identification Number (DIN) 1 Day
Taking Digital Signature of Directors 1 Day
Reservation of the name of the Company 5 Days
Preparation of other Document such as MOA,AOA, Forms etc 2 Days
Filling of Documents with Authorities 1 Days
Liaison with the authorities and Correction 3 Days
Getting Final Certificate of Incorporation 2 Days
Total Number of Days 15 Day

The Cost of formation of Private limited depends on the Authorised Capital of the Company, Following is the breakup of Cost for the formation of the Company with a Minimum required authorised Capital of INR 1 Lac.

Activity Days
Taking Directors Identification Number (DIN) INR 1500/- Each Director *2
Taking Digital Signature of Directors INR 1500/- Each Director *2
Reservation of the name of the Company INR 1000/-
Filling fees of government for final documents* INR 6200/-
Other Government Expenses INR 3000/-
Total Cost INR 23200/-

As per the Basic requirement for the Company formation we need minimum 2 Shareholders and 2 Directors Hence we need minimum two shareholders and directors. In order to fulfill your requirement we can form Company by giving just one share to the second shareholders. The second shareholder will hold the shares on behalf of the Company itself hence the ownership will be 100% with the Company. In respect of the directorship we need minimum two individual name to be acting as directors of the Company.

No the directors need not be present to perform the formation of the Company, They can provide the documents through the courier to our office and we can take care of the things. Further there are certain documents which are required to Notarised or Certified by the Indian embassy in your country.

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